Jacopo del Casentino

The Last Supper; Saint Frances Receives the Stigmata, c. 1320

This painting is a fragment of the door on a portable tabernacle intended for private devotion, as we can see from the combination of different subjects probably specifically commissioned from the artist by the patron. The iconography of the panel with St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata is traditional, as codified by Giotto in a panel now in the Louvre, while the iconography of The Last Supper is more unusual thanks to the detail of St. John desperately clinging to Jesus, who points to Judas as the one who has betayed him. The diptych is by a pupil of Giotto known as Jacopo del Casentino. Born in Pratovecchio, Jacopo was active in Florence from c. 1320 to the middle of the century, his work reflecting a style focusing primarily on narrative detail, as we can see in the panels on display here.